Everseason Citrus Producers


Nestled between the Cederberg, Koue Bokkeveld and the Swartberg mountains of the South African Western Cape area, lies a charming town called Citrusdal. Less than two hours drive from Cape Town on the N7 you'll find this lively village surrounded by its numerous lush green citrus orchards.
Everseason was established in 2006 by a group of citrus producers with the main object of taking ownership of their fruit.
We wanted to be more involved in the chain of marketing and supply other than only growing citrus on our farms. Everseason was
originally founded by 17 producers and 4 packhouses. After the first year the Everseason family expanded to include 19
producers and 5 packhouses.

The key to our success is to supply the fruit as quickly and as fresh as possible to the consumer. Another important aspect was quality of the fruit.

Quality starts at the farm and therefore we coordinate farming principals by maintaining the same standards throughout all our citrus growing areas as well as in all our packhouses. All our farms are Global Gap certified and our packhouses meet standards of most Supermarkets' like with Tesco Nurture, Walmart Security audits as well as BRC.

Social responsibilities are also a main priority for us with all farms and packhouses having done the SIZA audits. Presently, 40% of our soft citrus and 20% of our oranges are Fairtrade certified. Three BEE projects are successfully managed and a variety of other compensations are supplied with training and education as the core fundamentals.