Citrus fruit supply & distribution



Everseason supplies and distributes citrus from Citrusdal, South Africa, to local and international markets, all year round.


Our citrus selection consists of a wide variety of Easy peelers and Oranges. Lemons are also exported.

We have a packing schedule for Easy Peelers, Oranges and Lemons for easy reference.


Everseason packs citrus fruit produced on our various farms at four individual packhouses located in the Citrusdal area.

All packhouses are managed with the same precision to provide a vibrant market environment and top quality citrus fruit.

Why everseason

About Us

The key to our success is to supply our fruit as quickly and as fresh as possible to the consumer. Another important aspect is the quality of our fruit.

Everseason specializes in Citrus and we offer a wide range of varieties all year round.

Although the farms are all in a 100km radius, they are spread throughout totally different climate zones which gives us the opportunity to grown varieties in the climate where they thrive.


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