About us

Nestled between the Cederberg, Koue Bokkeveld and the Swartberg mountains of the South African Western Cape area, lies a charming town called Citrusdal. Less than two hours drive from Cape Town on the N7 you’ll find this lively village surrounded by its numerous lush green citrus orchards.

"We wanted to be more involved..."

In 2006 a group of growers came together to start a more direct approach to Citrus marketing. The approach was to manage the logistical chain to deliver fresh fruit as quickly as possible to customers all around the world. This developed into a fully operational export company that now supply supermarkets, wholesale markets and importers in various countries.

The production grew with the demand of customers and being part in the full chain mean that we can quickly make decisions and adaptions to fit our customer demands. Over the years the focus has changed on the type of varieties that we planted as well as commodities added to the full fruit basket.

Social responsibility and sustainability are high priority for the group. All necessary actions are taken to comply to supermarkets expectations. Global Gap, Siza, HACCP, and BRC certification are some of the accreditations in place across the board. Carbon footprints are monitored and all measures are in place to reduce on a yearly basis.

As part of our promise to deliver fresh – the farms have integrated into own packing facilities, ownership of the export company and ownership of the logistical company who arrange final delivery.

Farms are 4th and 5th generation ownership and, in most cases, the operating staff and workers are also 4th and 5th generation.

We believe in high family values and building the business with the people involved.

The key to our success is to supply the fruit as quickly and as fresh as possible to the consumer.

Another important aspect was quality of the fruit...

We coordinate and maintain the same standards throughout all our citrus growing areas as well as packhouses.

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